Monday, May 9, 2011

"Contractor's Routine" 's Contribution to Independent Films

What makes indie films so attractive is that they aren't afraid to be obscure. We aren't sheltered by the fears that the large studios in Hollywood might have about what their target audience might want or not want to see. There is more freedom of expression and more exposed emotion. I think it can be difficult for some people to take in because indies are good to displaying emotions and situations that most people hope to never have to deal with, or situations that they've experienced and don't want to face.

People are complicated and we don't always understand each other or why we react differently, which is no surprise. Simple emotions lie at the soul of ever human: happiness, sadness, love, fear, ECT. The problem is rarely do we see people have the exact same ratio of certain emotions at the exact same time, which causes conflict. 

Indie film are great at trying to breakdown this barrier and that's just what the plot of Contractor's Routine does. We're looking at a disturbed man in a typical day of his life. He's trying to make the best of all the emotions and thoughts that he doesn't seem to have total control over. The more you watch, the more you start to come to understand Jacob's actions and you ask yourself why. I don't think there is a right or wrong answer, but I love how his movie lets you feel what Jacob is feeling, knowing that you'll be able to return to yourself once it's over. It's like getting a free ride through the mind of another. Contractor's Routine is the perfect addition to the great indie films that we look back on and remember how we were feeling at that moment as we were watching it. That's what an indie is about, that's what I seek out.

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