Tom Sizemore, Art Professor

Tom Sizemore rose in prominence throughout the 1990s, establishing himself as a memorable tough guy character, sought after by the most respected directors in the business. Born in Detroit on 29 November, 1961, Sizemore grew up idolizing the tough guy characters of the movies he watched. After attending Wayne State University, he got his master's degree in theater from Temple University in 1986. Offered both a role in WWII films directed by both 
Terrence Malick and Steven Spielberg, Sizemore chose the role of "Sergeant Horvath" in Saving Private Ryan (1998). The role and film received widespread acclaim and introduced Sizemore's talents to a much broader audience in a more human and well-rounded role than he had previously been given. Sizemore also credits this shoot and Steven Spielberg for helping him with his recovery from addiction, with Steven Spielberg threatening to re-shoot the entire film if Sizemore failed a drug test even once. After a flamboyant and uncredited mobster role in Enemy of the State (1998), Sizemore then portrayed a psychotic paramedic in Bringing Out the Dead (1999) directed by Martin Scorsese. Seemingly taking it easy, he then turned in fine but stereotypical performances in Play It to the Bone (1999), Red Planet (2000), and Pearl Harbor (2001). Sizemore then received another leading role in the high-profile military drama Black Hawk Down (2001) directed by yet another legendary director, Ridley Scott.

Kevin Giffin, Jacob Borschevsky
A native of Chicago, Kevin Giffin now resides in San Francisco, California.  His extensive travels abroad and in the U.S. have given him a rich perspective on life that he now distills for the public through the characters he portrays.  He has studied with the iconic Jean Shelton at Shelton Studios in San Francisco, Andrew Hurteau at A.C.T. and Nancy Berwid of First Take. Kevin’s career in film has grown rapidly from indie shorts to his latest portrayal of Jacob Borshievsky, the protagonist, in Yuri Tsapaev's compelling new film, "Contractor's Routine."  His film "Oceania" screened for three nights to a packed house at the CineQuest Film Festival in San Jose, California.  The intensity Kevin brings to his roles is winning him accolades from directors and audiences alike.

Julia Heller, Maria 

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Julia Heller has been a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area for several years. While attending college in Santa Cruz, California, Julia had the opportunity to study under the tutelage of Don Williams, director of Cultural Arts and Diversity for the Student Affairs Division at UCSC and founder of the University's Rainbow Theater. Julia began acting soon after she arrived in this country with appearances on several episodes of the hit television series, “Nash Bridges.”  She further pursued her acting career by gaining leading roles in multiple short and feature length productions.  Julia's most recent work includes appearances on the current NBC TV drama, “Trauma,” as well as in “Contractor's Routine,” “Vernichter” and “Stand Alone.”  Noted for her diverse character portrayals, Julia has been recognized for her unflinching determination to animate even the most complex challenging of roles.

Richard Frederick
, Esau 

Richard Frederick's extensive theatrical credits include such noted venues as: TheatreWorks (CA); Ford's Theatre (DC); Casa Manana (TX); Theatre Three (TX); American Musical Theatre of San Jose (CA); and Hangar Theatre (NY).  Film and television credits include: “Enemy Gold;” and the PBS series “Wishbone.” Richard’s most recent commercial credits include: a national for Livescribe's “Smartpen,” and a Mafioso-style San Francisco Giants spot.