Monday, April 11, 2011

How does "Contractor's Routine" fit in the indie world?

Indie films are known for their uncensored material and stripped view of human behavior with at times obscure plots. We get to see through the director’s eyes without the Hollywood glam clouding the movie with what the studios think we want. Indie films dare to go places that some find hard to deal with. They attempt to connect with people through crudely depicted stories that follow the artistic thought process behind the film.

    What it so great about “Contractor’s Routine” is that we get to see all the things that makes indies so unique. In the film we see the main character move through a typical day, constantly fighting off the demons that have him contemplating life and the reason behind the actions that we take. We get a raw view of one man’s struggle to make some kind of meaning from the thoughts that move through his head without initiating them; why are we plagued by uncontrollable urges?

Great indie movies of time past had given people the opportunity to see creativity and beauty of what one might find disturbing if seeing it on the street, not being able to understand. I love that we see the heartbreak and dark times that lead up to the character’s warped view of the world. Director Yuri Tsapayev shows us that there are reasons for every action and whatever actions we question of the main character, we are given the deep emotion that continue to haunt him.

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